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Scimmiotto Around The World is a platform game like carh bandicoot or other platform games.

Powered By unity 3d free , a very good 3d engines.

We are 4 italian boys.

- Axel Power ( me )

- ferra95

- Simone Bodi

- Daniele Marchione



The storyline begins by explaining the boldness and curiosity of a living being.
The monkey taken by curiosity gulu ventures into the cave, which is the only thing that separates the monkey from its habitat from the open forest.
The monkey, once the dangerous cave monkey discovers a harsh truth: The forest went up in flames, no one knows how, no one knows why.
The monkey sees a human car and, unable to turn back because a rock blocking the passage of GULU cave, he takes it to migrate in search of a new habitat (and here begins the surreal/fantasy part of the game)
Arrived in California, near a military launch base, the monkey finds the mean that will help him in his adventure, a space rocket.
After various dangers and obstacles the monkey comes to rocket and takes it.
The rocket crashes into a giant asteroid inhabited by aliens where they have a space ship, the means that will lead the monkey in alaska.
but the asteroid is captured by evil robots.
Arrived in Alaska after dealing with the terrible robots must find a way to go to africa. A hot air balloon frozen will be his means of transport.
The monkey will have to find a way to thaw it and go to Africa, which will be his new habitat.
After all these adventures the monkey discovers that ....

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